Is the Club a commercial venture?

No! The Club was established as a collective ownership group in order to be able to actively participate in the Sport of Kings’s. As such it is a non-commercial society. Furthermore it is also non-profit making. The Director (Stephen) and Company Secretary (Kate) take no fees. There are no paid employees. All the partnership horses are sold at cost and the keep fees for these horses are subsidised by the Club (and its members.)

But make no mistake, though, there is, however, a highly professional approach to all aspects of the operation which contribute to its success.

Communication is taken very seriously. The members’ area is updated frequently by Dr. Foster (founding member – 1988) Club officers Gary and Dave, and Dave Hadley (partnership member and Club member) is the Partnership Horse Communications Officer. Information is imparted by Dave via email and by personal phone calls and, of course, by contact at the racecourse itself.

The organisation of the booking of owners’ badges for all members and partnership owners, plus reduced price tickets for partners and guests (where necessary – because often all the tickets are free) is currently also performed by Club Director Stephen. He takes your Owners’ badge enquires/orders over the phone and then emails a list of names through to the racecourse in advance.

Great attention is focused on the last crucial aspect of winning every horse race, that is jockey selection and the race racing instructions. This final piece of attention to detail accounts for the extremely high percentage of win and in-the-frame performances to runners which the Club and its members enjoys.

All the above mentioned functions are performed by Club members who give their time to benefit the Club free of charge.