Do I have Racehorse ownership as a member of the Club?


There are two methods of joining the Club, These are as a Club member or partnership member but both categories bring racehorse ownership with all the benefits that true ownership brings. When you become a Club member of the Group 1 Racing Club you become a joint owner in some of the horses, this is NOT just a social involvement.


The first (and most usual) category of ownership is as a Club member. Group 1 Racing would not exist without its Club’s members whose two year subscriptions (each Club runs for 2 plus years) are used to partly buy but mostly to train the Club’s horses. In Group 1 Racing you are therefore treated entirely as owners, not one of the masses! You become a share owner in the Group 1 Racing Club which own the horses, and which all run under the banner of the G1 Racing Club Ltd which is a registered company with Companies House and the Jockey Club as the registered owner. When you join you therefore always get immediate action as you are buying a share in the existing company and the string of Club horses. You receive a share certificate for your share (or shares if you re-join) and as true ownership there is no VAT on the cost of a owners’ share.


The second category of ownership is where a horse is owned by the Club members in a partnership arrangement with the Club, termed partnership members. Club members who do this directly own a share in the equity (capital value) of the horse at COST. There is generally one partnership horse available in 1/10th share sales at a modest cost (currently Persuer GB) and the Club is usually looking to buy another more expensive purchase (typically £10k-£20k) from the H-I-T auction sales (generally in October each year) through new partnership memberships and existing Club members in a unique bloodstock investment package.

If you would like to be involved in the next acquisition , please contact Stephen Foster on 01386 871239 or via the Contact form – if you could be interested.